Montrose Fire Protection District

About the District

The Montrose Fire Protection District (MFPD) serves an area of approximately 186 square miles using a combination of paid and volunteer personnel. The MFPD is an independent taxing special district that operates under the leadership of an elected board of directors.

MFPD operates two stations, one located 441 South Uncompahgre Avenue and another (Station 2) south of Montrose on Highway 550. The MFPD's team currently consists of 32 career, 10 reserve, 15 volunteer firefighters, and one administrative assistant. The department also provides EMS services.

In 1978 the Montrose Fire Department and the Montrose Rural Fire District merged to form the MFPD. To further improve EMS levels and enhance customer service, the MFPD purchased Montrose Ambulance in 1999.